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The Historical Williamsburg Living Narrative Launches on Kickstarter

As of April 19, 2012, the Historical Williamsburg Living Narrative is live on Kickstarter, ready for backers to contribute funding to reach the modest goal of $1500 over 45 days. The project is to develop and Interactive Fiction game that allows players to become involved the people and the events in Williamsburg, Virginia, around the time leading up to the signing of the declaration of independence. To see the actual Kickstarter page, please click here.

Of course I encourage you to back this project with whatever funding you can offer, whether it is $1 or $1,000; every bit is a tremendous help. But just as important is spreading the word of the project across your social media networks. The more people that know about this project, the greater the likelihood that it will reach the funding goal before time runs out! As of this writing, we have raised 12% of the target, so we are well on our way!

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