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Capitol Invasion

There are those on the left claiming that the protest, break-in, and violence at the U.S. Capitol was a planned insurrection and take-over of the United States, instigated by Donald … Continue reading

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The Heroism of Liberal Bullies

I was on Facebook (bad habit, I know), and I read a post on a friend’s account. He mentioned how Twitter had canceled him, and he was retelling the story … Continue reading

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The Nazi Comparison

“In June, 2019, after Chris Hays invoked Godwin’s law in a discussion of whether it was appropriate to call the United States’s [sic] refugee detention centers ‘concentration camps,’ Godwin explicitly … Continue reading

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Freedom or Safety

I see a lot of back and forth between sides on whether or not people should be compelled in some way to take a COVID vaccine, or should be able … Continue reading

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Counting Crows

Scientists (and whoever else studies these things) are finding out more and more how smart crows are. In fact, scientists in Germany have been testing crows with tasks in order … Continue reading

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What is BLC-1, Really?

The wide variety of questions that can be entertained simultaneously in the human mind can be amazing in scope: “Was there fraud in the 2020 U.S. presidential election?” and “Did … Continue reading

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Mining Data Effectively: Using Google to Solve Impossible Problems

Of course, if the problems actually have solutions, no matter how difficult they are to solve they are not impossible. But you understand the sentiment. This article by investigative reporter … Continue reading

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For Novices: The Top 5 Interactive Fiction Games

Getting into Interactive Fiction isn’t the easiest thing to do, as far as playing a “new” computer game genre goes. In the early 1980s when IF was popular–and the distractions … Continue reading

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