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The Heroism of Liberal Bullies

I was on Facebook (bad habit, I know), and I read a post on a friend’s account. He mentioned how Twitter had canceled him, and he was retelling the story of a student whose university was trying to have the student expelled upon learning he had attended the Stop the Steal rally in DC.

Another person posted a response trying to analogize the situation this way: “What if you were a business owner, and you heard some of your patrons conspiring to commit a crime? Wouldn’t you kick them out rather than allow them to use your business as a place of criminal planning?” That is a terribly flawed argument, and yet it is being propagated all over the Internet.

Here’s the problem. If someone is explicitly doing something illegal, not only can they be “kicked out of a business,” but they can even be arrested and brought to trial. But that’s not what is happening here (or in the social media spaces where the purging has begun).

There is a group of people that don’t like what another group of people is saying, so they are twisting words and spinning events in order to silence what they don’t want anyone to hear. The people that broke into the Capitol committed an illegal act and they should be prosecuted. Many were arrested, quite unlike the people at the Antifa and BLM riots in cities across the country for months and months last year. How many liberals were truly outraged then? How many liberals spoke up then, to condemn the illegality?

Back to the business kicking out the people conspiring to commit a crime. I have some other questions:

How do you know the patrons are discussing a crime? Is it an actual crime, or is it something the business owner doesn’t like; for example, going to a Trump rally to Stop the Steal?

And if the patrons are truly discussing a real crime, why would the business owner kick them out of the establishment instead of quietly calling the police on the planners so they can be caught? For example, if someone says, “we’re going to go to the Capitol and plant some bombs and destroy the place,” that sounds like a real crime. If it were me, I would call the police so the patrons could at least be questioned if not arrested. But if the business kicks them out, it sounds like the business owner doesn’t think there’s a real crime involved. Rather, the owner simply didn’t like what they’re saying.

Liberals in the business world are now “kicking people out” as a purely political act of silencing opposing voices; of retribution for actions and events they perceive to be wrong, with no proof of actual wrong doing. Again, if there were proof of actual wrong doing, this would be a matter for law enforcement and the court system, not the responsibility for liberal vigilantes to adjudicate.

Bottom line, this is just another way for liberal bullies to signal their virtue, pretend to be heroes, and ultimately impose their opinions on others while ensuring that free speech doesn’t get in the way.

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